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Meet Neenel

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

& Certified Yoga Instructor

My inspiration for working with individuals, couples, and families is to provide a supportive and nurturing space to process feelings. This desire is rooted in my personal experience of healing in spaces and with people who I felt safe with. In my early life,  I was not taught or given healthy examples of how to relate to my feelings. For many years, I struggled with anxiety and depression. My curiosity for something beyond this discomfort inspired me to study eastern ways of healing the mind, body, and spirit. In my 20's, I traveled to India with a backpack committed to becoming a student of ancient healing ways. To me it seemed that yoga and meditation had brought so many happiness and inner peace. I wanted that.  So the journey in India led me to live in ashrams, meditate, study yoga, explore various rituals, try on new perspectives and learn how to lovingly  relate to my feelings. Upon returning a desire to share the healing path inspired me to pursue a career in holistic counseling.

My approach is a bridge between the East and West ways of tending to the human experience. For 16 years, I have been committed to studying and implementing mindfulness into daily life.

In our sessions you may find that I draw from several different perspectives and synthesize them through breathing, meditation, body centered psychotherapy, parts work, compassionate inquiry, emotional focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psycho education.

Each individual is unique and for this reason, there is not a standard approach to healing. The process begins when we feel safe in the space and with the therapist we work with. So our first few session we work to understand each other and develop an approach that is best suited for each individual, couple, or family.

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Online & In Person Office Sessions Available In Haiku

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