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Hawaii Mental Health Services offers a variety of experiences to support individuals, couples, families,  and young adults. Our counseling services are available in Haiku, Maui or online for all Hawaii residents. 

Sessions can vary from 1hr, 1.5 or 2hrs long. 

In addition to counseling services we also offer alternative healing therapies such as eco therapy, yoga classes, meditation, and sound healing. 

Explore Our Offerings

Alternative Healing Therapies

Explore Our Additional Programs

  • 7 Week Game Changer

    Change A Habit In 40 Days With Weekly Support
    Valid for one year
    • Counseling Sessions Develop Understanding & Compassion
    • Movement & Meditation Practice to Support Your Goals
  • Holistic Therapy

    Every month
    Experience A Variety Of Holistic Healing Modalities.
    • 2 Alternative Therapy Sessions
    • 2 Counseling Sessions
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